High Speed Internet

Like to be in control of your internet? We are a local business that prides itself in customer service, competitive pricing, and freakishly-fast speeds you will love! We believe you should stay with your internet service because you want to, not because you're roped into a contract. Long-term contracts are something we just don't require. That means you get everything the internet has to offer without getting tied down. It's your internet, your way.


Our Fast package will allow you to surf the web with high-speeds that you expect. At speeds up to 7 Mbps, this package allows you to email and chat with friends, bank online, watch videos and download music.



Download large files, stream movies and YouTube clips and surf at speeds up to 10 Mbps. Our Faster residential high speed internet plan offers extra power for those who push the web browsing to its limits.



Didn't think it could get any better than our Faster speeds? Let us introduce you to the Fastest speeds.....with up to 21 Mbs you can download even larger files, stream your favorite movies and YouTube clips. Stream live video, download music and play online games to your heart's desire. Our freakishly fast residential internet speed gives you the flexibility and the freedom you've always wanted from your internet!


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