Dedicated High Speed Internet

Small Business: Replace your DSL or Cable internet service with our Business Class IP access. Delivering faster than DSL and Cable service at a price that will not be beat! This product is a great fit for retailers and/or small office environments that don't have huge IP demand but who are in need of fast connections to run the business efficiently. This is a traditional asymmetrical connection (i.e. faster download speeds vs. upload speeds).

Medium Business: Tired of high cost Internet solutions slowing down your business? Our dedicated IP access product will take your business to the next level by delivering you either Asymmetrical or Symmetrical connections. Let this product fit your needs instead of your business trying to fit into the limitations of the connection. This product can deliver speeds from 10MB to 10 GIG at a cost that will not be beat.

Enterprise Business: Down time and speeds hurting your business? WideRange takes pride in engineering solutions that will take your business to the next level with high speeds and redundancy solutions. Solutions can be delivered via fiber optic (wireline) or wireless microwave. Try our ARM product - (ACCESS REDUNDANCY METHOD)- giving you the best of both worlds. This solution gives you fiber to your business with automatic failover to wireless. NEVER experience an outage due to construction or utility work again!